Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Welcome back folks! Here are some photos of current work and other things. 
I've been busy in and outside of the tattoo shop. But now that cyclocross season
is over i'll have a little bit more time to breathe. 

Did a little script on a Chrome Yalta bag.

Started this cover up of a name with a botanical Pineapple.  

Some flash painting on a pork chop sheet that im slloowwwly
finishing up.

A super simple panther head, but one of my favorite pieces ive
recently done.  

Progress on this cherry blossom tree with some pagodas in
the background. This client sits like a rock and takes tattoos
    in painful spots like a champ.

Pop into the shop and say hi! Im there THU-SAT 12-7. Best way to get 
in contact with me is email: jaketongtattoos@gmail.com . Remember, 
getting tattooed when the sun's not out means easier healing and gives
you something to do during the winter!!! Also check out my other site
on cycling, www.thewolfsmouth.com .

Till next time, be safe and happy holidays!